Autism Risk From SSRIs Higher Than From Vaccines

A recent study has revealed at that the use of SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) during pregnancy led to a more-than-double risk of autism in the child.

This is a new finding. It marks SSRI use in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters as being a major cause of autism.

The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics in December, 2015, used data collected from over 145,000 children from conception to age ten.

Study senior author Professor Anick Bérard, part of the research team for the study at Quebec Pregnancy Cohort, discussed the results in an interview with Bérard explained that the study results show that using antidepressants during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy increases the risk of having a child with autism by 87 percent.

Did you get that? Eighty-seven percent.

Read the rest of the story here.

Why Do They Kill?


Why do people without a violent or criminal background, mostly men, often young, suddenly go out and murder people? You might be as surprised as I was to discover, that it is not “mental illness,” per se, but often the treatment for it!

I became passionate about this subject three years ago. The kids who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the media and political fallout that followed, incited me to begin researching the real reasons for mass shootings. Sure, they’re done with guns, but does the availability of guns actually cause them? The answer was and is: NO. The guns are the tool, and that is lamentable in the extreme, but there are other causes why individuals with no criminal record or violent past go out and murder others. In my recent novel, following three years of research and writing, I reveal reasons that explain why non-violent people suddenly change. Though it’s a gripping page-turner (according to those who have read it), it also contains true facts, figures, research notes and accreditation. And a bibliography.

I encourage anyone reading this to go buy a copy (ebook or print). You’ll enjoy the story, and you’ll appreciate having a real answer to the big “WHY?” we all utter as we shake our heads at the latest mass shooting.

There Was Never A Time …

… when I wanted to do anything other than “be a writer.” What does that mean, to “be a writer?” I can tell you, it doesn’t necessarily mean getting rich selling the tales one spins, though some do. It doesn’t necessarily mean closeting oneself in a small room with bad lighting and toiling day and night to create a decent paragraph, though some do.

I’ve actually been a writer all my life, because I wanted to be. In every job I’ve had, I’ve found a way to work my writing skills, developing as they were, into the duties assigned and assumed. It’s been fun. It made me a small–time computer guru in one job. It took me to Mexico for months at a time, long before the Baja California peninsula was invaded by norte Americano tourists.

So, if you “want to be a writer,” you need to write. That’s all. Plenty of opportunities exist, and “being a writer” doesn’t mean you write novels. Though some do.

SSRI? Dangerous? What?

Most of us have such great trust in our physician that we think this person, whom we know relatively well in most cases, is an absolute expert about the drugs he or she prescribes.

Unfortunately, that is far from true. Aside from the fact that doctors get most of their education from “detail reps” (drug sales representatives), they are also kept from the truth by articles in journals that are written, not always by the scientists whose names are in the by-line, but by ghostwriters hired by pharmaceutical companies. It’s extremely prevalent in the high-competition, high-profit area of antidepressants—SSRIs and their kin.

In a series titled, “How Do SSRIs and Other Medications Cause Violence?” on (here), Julie Wood begins a detailed explanation of why the subtitle of the piece is so true. The subtitle? “…and why don’t people spot the connection?”

Many people don’t spot the connection. I am not one of them. Following the Sandy Hook shooting three years ago (12/14/12), I started looking for reasons. As I searched, I became interested in and fascinated by the skills of manipulation demonstrated by the pharmaceutical companies. I read, and read, and read, and had soon studied over sixty books on the subject, plus many internet sites (try, for example), videos, etc.

I was angered by the media’s lack of interest in this cause of murders, violence, suicide and other crimes where the perpetrator seemed to go against his or her nonviolent “old self” and become a monster. Their reason for silence was clear.

Their monster was money. Tons of it. In 2013, according to the BBC (here), pharmaceutical companies were the most profitable on the planet. Their profit margin as a percentage of revenues averaged about 18%, the same as banks. So, why do oil companies get such a bad rap, with their 8%? A lot of their revenue was spent on advertising, and that was why we didn’t hear it on the nightly news.

My anger about this had to be funneled. There were plenty of blogs by people more qualified than I am. Plenty of articles, videos, and nonfiction books. But, no novels centered on the subject, and only one movie (Side Effects) skirted the issue skillfully, probably in return for funding.

So, I continued researching and writing, and over the last three years, wrote The Present Madness, a mystery. The Kindle ebook is available for a bargain 99¢ until 12/25/15; $2.99 after that. The print version is available for $8.95 plus $3.99 shipping (in USA) at this Amazon link (here). (It’s new and signed by the author.)

Putting Yourself “Out There” …

It’s difficult for me! After spending a horrendous amount of time researching and writing this novel (since 12/14/12, the day Sandy Hook School was attacked and nobody could, or was willing to, say why Adam Lanza attacked), I have to admit I’m reluctant to push it.

Maybe writers are just this way. Maybe one of the reasons we choose to write is that we can appear to be working hard, but in truth, we’re hiding. Hiding, because we: (1) are introverts, (2) are a little bit lazy, (3) fear rejection.

But, I’m pushing back against that stuff (mainly, the fear part). Had business cards made with a QR code. (I LOVE those little codes!) Made a Facebook author page ( Even paid for some advertising, and started posting on various Facebook writers’ pages.
Madness Card

Even made the book price 99¢ until December 25, 2015. (Christmas Day.) Scan the code and take a look! (or just go to ‎ Cheers!

I’m a Writer, and …

My name is William. Most people call me “Bill.” I am told that I must have an author’s  “platform.” This is part of it. Here’s another part.  I’m not absolutely certain about what to to here, though I intend to use it somehow to promote my books. I also hope to get to know people and hear their honest reactions to my work and the issues it explores.

TPM fr cover-Photo

My most recent book is a novel, This Present Madness, in which Cassie Stevens, a Dallas newspaper woman, loses her son when over fifty high-schoolers are murdered during a band practice. The shotgun wielding gunman tries to commit suicide, but fails. Then he meets death in his hospital room. Why? Who did it? Nobody has a clue. But there is one thing that Cassie and her neurosurgeon friend agree on: He was murdered to hide something. Their search for what was being hidden and why it was important almost get them killed and takes Cassie to the halls of the US Senate. Along the way, she discovers a health problem—a real-world problem—that only promises to get worse if it isn’t controlled.

But before I am tempted to do any more selling … Welcome to my new site … platform … blog …. They call these electron-driven “places” by different names, even though they don’t really exist. Or, do they? If you can visit it, see it, read words on it, and I can manipulate it, but neither of us can hold it or touch it, doesn’t it present some kind of a conundrum for existentialists?  Maybe. Maybe not.

My name is William F. Cory. The F stands for my maternal grandfather’s name. Cory is an old name. We’ve traced it back to a lady in Scotland, who married a British guy who was a member of the royal court. (Most likely a jester.) Time passed and my folks eventually headed for the New World, where they became muckity-mucks in Jamestown, but then … oops … were executed as witches in Salem. Maybe you’ve seen the play, “The Crucible?” It was written about one Giles Corey and his good wife. She was the first person put to death in Salem, and he was one of only a couple of men. Anyway, Arthur Miller wrote a play about him that is still produced by theater groups, etc.

More time passed, and this branch of the family has now dwindled down to me, my son, and my grandson. Little Liam could be the last of our “line.” It’ll take awhile to find out, since he’s a toddler.

More later. I promise more real “content.”